Lifelong Learning


‘Our members always very much enjoy these sessions and there has never been any negative feedback. ‘

All ages are welcome at the Museum of Somerset and we try to offer a wide range of high quality experiences and learning opportunities.

It would be hard not to learn at least something after a visit to our galleries and exhibitions.

For those who wish to learn more we have extended the visitor experience to include a variety of other choices:

  • Finds surgery
  • Object handling
  • Afternoon tea and talk
  • Reminiscence sessions
  • Guided tours; on and off site
  • Music, drama, film and the arts
  • Evening talks, lectures &seminars
  • Tactile tours for groups with special needs

Please see our What’s On, Upcoming Events page for details on future events.

We are always interested in providing learning for new audiences. If you are a group or organisation that would like to learn more about the counties heritage or would like further information please contact us.

The Museum of Somerset is run by the South West Heritage Trust, who also offers a variety of Life Long Learning.