Henry VII: The First Royal Portrait

Opens 17 October 2017 to 6 January 2018 *THIS EXHIBITION IS NOW CLOSED*

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The Museum of Somerset is bringing an artwork of outstanding national significance to the county this autumn.

Working with the National Portrait Gallery in London, the museum will display an extraordinary portrait of King Henry VII dated 1505.

It is the first image of an English monarch painted from life and the earliest portrait in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

NPG 416; King Henry VII by Unknown artist

King Henry VII by an unknown Netherlandish artist, 1505 (National Portrait Gallery)

The Return of the King

Henry VII has special associations with Taunton Castle, home of the Museum of Somerset.

It was there in 1497 that he confronted the rebel Perkin Warbeck after Warbeck’s failed attempt to claim the throne.

The king’s portrait will be displayed in the very room where the fateful meeting between king and rebel may have taken place.

The Warbeck rebellion

Perkin Warbeck claimed to be rightful heir to the throne of England and growing numbers of people found it convenient to support his claim. Warbeck arrived from Ireland on 7 September 1497 and was proclaimed King Richard IV at Bodmin. He marched towards Exeter with an army of 3,000 but failed to take the heavily-defended city. On 20 September his forces, now 8,000 strong, mustered in fields outside Taunton. Warbeck was demoralised and at midnight he fled secretly, leaving his supporters to their fate. On 5 October he was brought back as a prisoner to Taunton Castle to face King Henry. At first the king spared Warbeck’s life but in 1499 he was executed.

The failure of the Warbeck rebellion marked a key moment in English history. It ended the dynastic struggles of the 15th century and ensured that the new Tudor dynasty was finally secure.



Spotlight loans

The display of this remarkable artwork continues the museum’s programme of spotlight loans which has already brought the Alfred Jewel from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and the Becket Casket from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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