‘Brick wonders’ LEGO exhibition open until 2nd October

Brick Wonders

Ancient, Natural and Modern Marvels in LEGO®

The LEGO models cover thousands of years of history, and every corner of the planet.  There are models of the wonders of the ancient world, through to wonders of the modern age such as the internet, transport and the media.  They include the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, Old London Bridge, an operating theatre and a huge model of a modern airport.  There will be over 70 models, ranging in size from a few centimetres to several metres.

The models have been made by Warren Elsmore, and are designed to appeal to all ages.  LEGO bricks are unique in having been a top-selling toy for over 50 years.

This special exhibition is open during the same hours as the Museum of Somerset, Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.  The exhibition is very popular so the museum will also open on Mondays during the summer school holidays. Tickets cost £2 per person, with under-3s free.

Lego EX Poster

Brick Wonders Competition

Getting bored at the end of the holidays? We are launching a special Brick Wonders competition… all you have to do is build a Somerset Landmark out of Lego, and send a picture of it to museumofsomerset@swheritage.org.uk. There are two prizes one for under 12s, and one for those age 12 plus provided by Lego via Watkins Toys. The model doesn’t have to be huge… ingenuity is also good! ….. so get building!

The competition closes on the 2nd October, and will be judged by Mary Bell and Susie Simmons

War Stories told at The Museum of Somerset

On FridHelmi-small_webay 11 September the Museum of Somerset will host a talk by Bridgwater resident Wilhelmina ‘Helmi’ Wolff as part of the War Stories project.

The project explores the impact of the Second World War on local people and Helmi is amongst the Somerset residents who have told their stories in a series of short films. In the film Helmi recalls the dark days of the occupation, and the excitement at the end of the war when the country was liberated by the allies.

Helmi was a child in Holland during the Nazi occupation and she will talk about the Second World War as seen through a girl’s eyes. The youngest of seven children, her father and brother were forced to leave home to work as labourers in Germany. Helmi came to England in 1953 and has written a book based on her wartime experiences.

Booking & more info

The ‘Talk and Tea’ event takes places at The Museum of Somerset, Taunton, on Friday 11 September, 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm. Booking is advisable on 01823 255088, cost £5. The War Stories project is kindly supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund. More information is available at somerset war stories

The Museum of Somerset is part of The South West Heritage Trust, a new independent charity committed to protecting and celebrating Somerset and Devon’s rich heritage.